Foundation for Christ Consciousness

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Manifesting the Consciousness of God by awakening Christ Consciousness in mankind through the teachings (or ministry) of Michael Mirdad.


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The Foundation for Christ Consciousness: Our Beginning

The ministry of Michael Mirdad (known as the Foundation for Christ Consciousness) began around 1980 by facilitating study groups on Edgar Cayce’s “Search for God” material and occasional workshops on healing and spirituality. Eventually Michael moved to Southern Oregon for a few years to create a spiritual center for teaching and healing. It was also in the 1980’s that he began touring several States in the U.S.

By the later part of the 1980’s, he began his first sacred sites tours, bringing students to various spiritual sites around the planet. In 1990, Michael moved to Northern Washington State, where he taught workshops and classes for twenty years. It was also around 1990 that Michael began to more consistently tour the U.S. and abroad for approximately three weeks per month. During this time, Michael began another facet of his work by using his intuitive insights to guide others in creating projects ranging from the largest spiritual conferences in the world to spiritual films.

In 2010, he accepted the request/offer to become the Spiritual Leader for a couple of years at Unity of Sedona (in Sedona, Arizona). The success here was so overwhelming, he was asked to remain in the position of Spiritual Leader, which is where he remains even after approximately 8 years. Also, within months of being at Unity of Sedona, he created one of the world’s most successful “New Thought” Chaplain Programs. And, he is often sought out to guide various churches and spiritual centers through times of crisis, followed by improving their level of consciousness and direction.

It is estimated that, with over 35 years of teaching, Michael has taught over 1000 workshops, led over 1000 church services, and facilitated tens of thousands of private healing and counseling sessions. He has also authored nearly ten books—with several more to come.

The most common theme of Michael’s teachings are that people need to connect with God and make God a greater priority in their lives. Then, we need to integrate this connection in our day-to-day lives. Lastly, we need to bring our connection to God AND our personal changes into the lives of others.

Also, the teachings of Michael Mirdad can best be summarized as follows:

God is! I am! We are! And so it is!

One day, Michael hopes to open a retreat (EdenShire) where people can visit and/or live to experience the Presence of Christ on earth to the fullest level possible.

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