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Mission Statement

Manifesting the Consciousness of God by awakening Christ Consciousness in mankind through the teachings (or ministry) of Michael Mirdad.

Christ Consciousness

Many thanks for your interest in The Foundation for Christ Consciousness—the home of the ministry of Michael Mirdad.

As many of you know, a few years ago, our team began posting updates about our projects and inspirations. Also, after nearly 40 years of teaching, we decided to ask everyone who has been positively affected by my teachings (ministry) to consider sponsoring (one-time or ongoing) my work—especially given that we decided to launch the work to a whole new level. And your support makes you a part of this incredible work, which supports God's Plan to awaken humanity.

Many thanks to those of you who already began helping through prayers and donations. Your support has already allowed us to accomplish the following since we started this sponsorship program:

  • We've purchased better equipment to continue sending out live facebook presentations, which now reach many thousands of people each week.
  • We have a FREE spontaneous message offered every Friday night on Facebook live.
  • We've added several more videos on YouTubefor FREE viewing.
  • Our online courses have been a huge success.
  • We’ve published a couple new books.
  • We hope to continue moving forward with our plans to open a retreat (EdenShire) in Southern Colorado. You can visit the website:
  • And now we just launched the largest global spiritual event ever held—The Global Spiritual Awakening Conference.

So again, please ask yourself if you have ever been positively affected by my work (e.g., teaching, lectures, newsletters, workshops, private sessions, videos, books, and/or Sunday services). If so, please consider becoming a sponsor. Your sponsorship can be either a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, lasting a full year.

Being a sponsor is incredibly effortless and merely involves sending a few details to our office. In return, you will receive a variety of gifts, as well as the good karma for supporting such work. All you have to do is select the sponsorship option that most resonates with you. Once you make your choice, you will receive a confirmation of your sponsorship.

Many grand shifts are about to begin and we hope you choose to become a part. And please remember, if you feel that you cannot afford to become a sponsor OR do not feel called to do so, we would still appreciate your thoughts and prayers of love and support.

Again, all you have to do is click on the link here to select your preferred level of sponsorship.


To make a donation in a custom amount, click here: 

If you would prefer to donate offline, please send a check to:
The Foundation for Christ Consciousness
PO Box 1908
Sedona, AZ 86339


Donations can be made on a monthly or one-time basis, and can be in any amount.