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Michael’s ministry began around 1980 with study groups on Edgar Cayce’s “Search for God” and occasional workshops on healing and spirituality. Eventually he moved to Southern Oregon for a few years to create a spiritual center for teaching and healing. It was also in the 1980’s that Michael began touring several States in the U.S. and continues to do so. Also at this time, he began his first sacred sites tours, bringing students to various spiritual sites around the planet. In 1990, Michael moved to Northern Washington State, where he taught workshops and classes for twenty years, while still continuing his national tours. In 2010, he was asked to move to Sedona Arizona to be the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona, which turned out to be an overwhelming success and continues to this day.

It is estimated that, with over 35 years of teaching, Michael has taught over 1000 workshops, led over 1000 church services, and facilitated tens of thousands of private healing and counseling sessions. He has also authored nearly ten books—with several more to come.

This year, Michael’s ministry focused on numerous projects, all dedicated to promoting the awakening of Christ Consciousness in the world. These projects include:

PROJECTS ACCOMPLISHED (within the last year):

*We’ve purchased more equipment needed to continue sending out live facebook presentations, which now reaches many thousands of people.
*The first and second printing of our new book on A Course in Miracles, has SOLD OUT. We are actually now preparing for our THIRD printing.
*We published a new book, The Book of Love and Forgiveness.
*We’ve now completed several online courses, all of which have received rave reviews.
*We’ve done a few more tele-summits and online interviews.
*We’ve added a few new larger churches to visit this year.
*We’ve added several more videos on YouTube for free viewing.
*We’ve completed the rebuilding of our old website: MichaelMirdad.com.
*We now have a free spontaneous message offered every Friday night on Facebook live.
*Michael began teaching several online courses.


*The completion of another book this year and the completion of at least one more book per year.
*A new 3-month, online course that focuses on “Developing the Inner Christ.” This is our answer to the long-awaited return of what used to be a year-long course on this topic. So it will now be condensed into just a few months and will be in the new format of our other online courses.

For more information about or to participate in any of our events, please visit our website at MichaelMirdad.com.

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