Dear Friends (please read this entire letter):
I sincerely pray that this letter finds you well. This is my annual letter to you all, wherein I share some important news and updates related to my work/teaching/ministry.

Last year, I decided that for the first time in my 35 years of teaching I would ask anyone and everyone who has been positively affected by my teaching (e.g. lectures, newsletters, workshops, private sessions, videos, books, Sunday services, etc.), to consider being a sponsor of this work. 

It’s time to launch the work to a whole new level and this simply cannot be done without some ongoing support. Your support makes you a part of this incredible work, and what could possibly be more important than supporting God’s Plan to awaken the Christ on earth? And, by the way, many thanks once again to those of you who have already begun helping through prayers and donations.

What We Have Accomplished Since Starting Our Sponsorship Program One Year Ago: 
*We’ve purchased the extra equipment needed to begin sending out live presentations. 
*We’ve begun sending out the live broadcasts around the world to 50-100 thousand people each week. 
*Phone Sessions in Sedona have doubled.
*The first two printings of my new book on A Course in Miracles, has SOLD OUT, with a third printing in the works.
*We completed our first two online courses, and the response has been fantastic.
*We (Alan Cohen, Marianne Williamson, Jayem, a few others and myself) did an incredibly successful tele-summit.
*We’ve begun adding more videos on YouTube for free viewing.
*We’ve added a couple of new, large New Thought churches to our touring itinerary.

Still To Come:
*We will be presenting a couple more online course before the end of the year.
*We will continue to send out the free live Sunday services. 
*My next two books will be out by the end of the year.
*We will soon upgrade our website to handle more traffic, as well as becoming a greater network for people to find the support they need on the path.
*We will soon be creating another website as a means of reaching several different groups.

Being a “one-time sponsor” OR a “monthly sponsor” is incredibly effortless and merely asks that you click on the donation buttons below and select your preferred sponsorship option. 

Once you make your choice, you will receive a letter of confirmation of your sponsorship. In return, you will receive a variety of gifts, as well as the internal benefits for supporting such spiritual work.

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this letter. Many grand shifts are about to begin and we hope you choose to become a part. And please remember, if you feel that you cannot afford to become a sponsor OR if you simply do not feel called to do so, we still appreciate your thoughts and prayers of love and support. 

Love & Light,

MM Signature

To make a donation in a custom amount, click here: 

If you would prefer to donate offline, please send a check to:
The Foundation for Christ Consciousness
PO Box 1908
Sedona, AZ 86339