Chrsit2Dear Friends:

Thank you for considering our sponsorship program.

It is a Universal Law that “WHEN WE GIVE, WE ALSO RECEIVE.” This is also a prerequisite to bringing Christ Consciousness back into human awareness.

At this time I am asking you to simply ask yourself if you have ever been positively affected or moved by my work (e.g., teaching, lectures, newsletters, workshops, private sessions, videos, books, and/or Sunday services). If so, please consider becoming a sponsor, which can be chosen from our tax-deductible options shown below. Your sponsorship can be either a one-time donation or a monthly commitment for a full year. 

A sample of the projects that your sponsorship will support is as follows:

*Producing several tele-summits focusing specifically on Christ Consciousness and related topics.

*Presenting some new events to shine light on those in need, such as “Police Appreciation Day” and “World Forgiveness Day.”

*Providing videos on YouTube for free viewing (although they are expensive to produce).

*Expanding tours this year to places we’ve never been or places we were unable to visit for several years.

*Speaking at a few new spiritual conferences within the next year or so.

*Adding several costly videos on YouTube for free viewing.

*Adding a couple of new online courses–besides our current year-long course on the Inner Christ. Now, we are adding a 12-week course on The Heart of a Course in Miracles, as well as a 4-week course on Consciously Co-Creating a New Life.

Being a sponsor is incredibly effortless and merely involves sending a few details to our office. In return, you will receive a variety of gifts, as well as the internal benefits for supporting such work. All you have to do is browse the few sponsorship options below and select the one that most resonates with you. Once you make your choice, you will receive a letter of confirmation of your sponsorship. My work through the Foundation of Christ Consciousness has lasted over 30 years and we’ve never asked for ongoing support for this work. But now we have so many inspired projects at hand, we simply cannot move forward without a great deal of support. And remember…your support makes you a part of this incredible work and what could possibly be more important than supporting God’s Plan in awakening the Christ on earth. 

Your donations are expressions of love that support and nurture this work (teaching and healing) of awakening Christ Consciousness for all humanity.

Love & Light,

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To make a one-time or monthly donation in a custom amount, click here: 

If you would prefer to donate offline, please send a check to:
The Foundation for Christ Consciousness
PO Box 1908
Sedona, AZ 86339

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